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by Trims55 on April 15, 2010

Need Expertise in Accountancy? Cardiff Firm, Linghams, Stands Out!

Accountancy CardiffThere are a number of issues that can arise within a company. One of the most problematic often pertains to a company’s finances. This is not always something as simple as cash flow, but might entail tax liabilities, investment strategies, or even payroll. There are a number of firms that offer the services of accountancy. Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, and while it may not have some of the gigantic firms that London does, Linghams Chartered Accountants offers all of the services you might need, and some you don’t!

About this Company

For over 25 years, Linghams has provided Cardiff and the surrounding areas with professional, personal accounting services. Their success is based on their development of bespoke service for each client. No two clients’ needs are the same and these tailored services help ensure the best way to maximize company and personal wealth.

The Best Services in Accountancy – Cardiff

The wide range of services offered by Linghams Chartered Accountants is another reason for their continued success. cardiff AccountancyThese services include tax planning specifically targeted for the owner-managed business to minimise corporate and personal tax bills. Investment planning, including a program called the “Market Mover,” which helps match buyers and sellers of proprietor owned properties.

In addition, the vast network of working relationships with banks and other financial institutions helps ensure clients receive the all benefits of these companies. The accountancy – Cardiff services also include full accountancy and advisory work, tax investigations, including Special Compliance Investigation work, business enhancement strategy, and company valuation.

Only the Highest Level of Client Satisfaction

At Linghams Chartered Accountants, you’ll find business people, not just accountants. Cardiff is full of “just Linghams Accountantsaccountants.” Your company needs a commercial common sense approach to the challenges faced by the owner-managed business in today’s world. A direct, one-on-one relationship at this principle level helps to build the best course of action to manage your company’s financial accounts.

A Final Thought

When it comes to your company’s accountancy, Cardiff’s own Linghams Chartered Accountants is simply the best choice. With their professional and knowledgeable staff, exceptional client services, and the services your company needs, why would you go anywhere else?

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